Welcome to the Community Blog - aka THE ARENA

1. Choose Your Derby Queen Name.

Create your very own Roller Derby Persona! Be creative and have fun! If you need some help you can use the Roller Derby Name generator by clicking the image to the right.  Wanna know how Big Mama got her derby name? ASK BIG MAMA

2. Introduce Yourself To The Community

Our goal is to create an honest, straightforward, inspired community of kick ass women on a mission to live bigger lives. And we need your unique perspective to help make it happen!

Whether you are an entrepreneur launching a new business, a stay at home mom dreaming of making an impact on the world, or a budding writer working on the next great novel, your voice matters and we need to hear from you. Tell us about your goals, your new adventure, your business, your life. This is your chance to toot your horn, share your expertise, and introduce yourself to the community.

3. Stay Connected

Each week we connect with each other by way of a blog post, video, podcast or "ask the expect" interview from Big Mama on a topic related to kicking butt in life. As a group, using the comments section below the post, we discuss and share our experiences in order to help ourselves and each other achieve goals, break through blocks and propel forward.

Don't hold back! Share as much as you can because there are thousands of "would be derby queens" who come here each week for insight and inspiration and you may be the one who brings it!