I recently attended a women's conference and the presenter opened the event by asking the audience a very simple question,

"Is there a woman in the audience today who knows her true value?"

The conference center was filled with over 300 well dressed, highly educated, professional, corporate and entrepreneurial women...all of whom had their hands firmly in their laps when mine shot into the air like Horshack miming "Oooh Oooh, Mr. Kotter."


That was my "WTF" moment...because "aha" just wasn't enough!  (read more...)

Yo Big Mama is a blog intended to motivate women to get their head's straight about who they are and what they are worth! It's an in your face, oh no she di'int style portfolio filled with humor and imagery that will remind over and over again that you are valuable, you are loved, you are amazing...and you are worthy!


Hello, my name is Karen Carey.

My friends call me Big Mama and I hope you will too! Through my favorite medium of black and white photography (both my own and curated classics), I express my thoughts, my creativity, my humor and my soul. I hope you'll visit often and hang out a bit so we can get acquainted!

I'm a born -n-raised Philly girl with a bit of a twang in my accent. "Yo yous guys" is part of my everyday vernacular and where I come from that transparent, odorless, liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen is called "wooder" not water.

In my "real life" I am a Professional Photographer and an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. I've been married for over 20 years (to the same guy btw - just sayin') and have 2 pretty cool kids. I once appeared on the TV show Flea Market Flip and twice tried to get on stage with The Rolling Stones. I love the taste of salty processed meats (i.e. salami, pork roll, spam) and the smell of second hand smoke...but I'm on a mission to drop some serious bad habits this year and get ripped by the time I turn 50. Stay tuned!